Welcome Runners!

We are Letty and Ryan, and we love running, just like you. But just like you, sometimes we struggled with motivation or inspiration, and the frustration of completing the many months in a training cycles with only one chance to prove ourselves. We wanted a better experience and find out how to have "perfect runs" on a daily basis.

While google-searching for information, we were flooded with incorrect information promising to help people with training and nutrition for a quick buck, so we decided consult the experts and to compile and share our own research and share it with you.

We came to recognize that there is just one thing standing between us and "a perfect running experience":

The key to a perfect running experience is knowing the ins and outs of good and successful training (physical and mental) and race strategies.

And that's what our site is all about. Through our weekly episodes and blogs, we will provide you with expert-backed content to show you how to approach all of your running: your training, your races, and your recovery on a day to day basis.

We will keep you motivated and inspired throughout it all by through stories and testimials of runners who lived through it and whom you can learn from, and we will make suggestions as to how you can enjoy the ride (your training) and arrive at the finish line with a rich and positive racing experience.

That said, welcome to your one stop shop (although we're not selling anything) for running information and motivation.

letty - host

Letty is the founder of her passion project "We Got the Runs" which includes the Marathon Running Podcast and Blog. Letty has completed more than 35 marathons with a current PR of 3:18.Originaly from Germany and Ecuador, Letty has lived in the USA since age 17. She is an attorney who specializes in immigration law. Letty is also a mom of 2 young children. She is passionate about traveling/cultures, and is currently working on writing a fiction book series. Letty also loves doing anything active, from biking, to boating, to snowboarding.

ryan - co-host

Ryan is the creative director and co-host of the Podcast. He ran track in high school, and has completed at least a hand-full of half marathons and your occasional holiday 5K. Originally from Florida, he has lived in his fair share of states and the Caribbean. He is a board-certified radiologist who specializes in muskuloskelatal radiology.Ryan is also Letty's husband, and hence a father of 2. Ryan loves traveling and doing anything active, from foil-boarding to surfing, mountain biking, dirt biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, you name it.

Please join our facebook community! We believe that runs are beacons of local community and happiness. We believe that the love and support of the running community is what determines the success of any runner.

Our mission is to empower you and provide you with a community and new friends, so, if you’ve ever asked yourself “where do I find running friends,” or “how can I use social media to get more support,” or just simply “what race should I train for next,then you’ve come to the right place!

We hope you enjoy our podcast episodes and our blog!

Letty and Ryan, We Got the Runs

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