5 Nutrition Tips for Your Race

We asked marathoners from across the world one simple question: What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you ran your first marathon? And they delivered!

From unexpected to funny to life-changing, you shared immense practical insights for any aspiring marathoners out there. This is precisely the type of knowledge we here at the Marathon Running Podcast aspire to share in our quest to create a resource for the entire marathon running community. From tips and tricks on signing up for the best races to advice on fostering good daily habits, consider this a crash course in marathon running fundamentals taught by experts.

1. Logistics are Important – From Training to Racing Strategy

Hands-down, navigating all the training and race-day prep logistics was the most consistent external source of learning lessons we heard. Luckily, these marathoners had plenty of advice about avoiding potential race-day disappointments.

2. Respect the Marathon – Avoid a too Casual Approach and Invest in the Right Gear

A marathon may seem like a cool thing to cross off your bucket list, but it is pertinent to respect the distance and hence things your body requires to be able to complete the distance. Many marathoners expressed great thoughts on this very point.

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3. Nutrition – What You Eat Matters

Nutrition is not a suggestion: it’s critical. There is loads of information but every body is different. Be prepared to put some thought into what you put into your body and experiment during training.

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4. Race-Day Facts to Be Aware of

If you look at all the miles you've logged, your last run - the marathon - is only a small fraction at this mileage. Nevertheless, that last run is the run that permits you to memorialized everything you have learned and gives you a chance to put your training to the test. Making sure things go smoothly on race day, and making sure all your hard work paid off is super important.

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5. The Life-Lessons of the Marathon Experience

We’ve covered the prep and the race itself. What’s left? Oh yes, the afterglow. From feelings of accomplishments to marathon addiction, you have now entered an elite of people in this world and are likely to do it again. At least that’s what statistics show, and what our marathoners said.

What Say You?

We’d love to read your response to the all-important question: What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you ran your first marathon. Please share in the comments.

We are so appreciate your continued input on this important topics because it helps to shape the future of the Marathon Running Podcast content. We’re here to serve your interests; we’re building this resource together.