We've been creating running-related podcasts since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which are all meant to inspire you and make you a better runner.

On our weekly podcasts, we try to have a sense of humor and along with our inspiring guests, we build community and share information on coaching, health, injury prevention, nutrition, race recaps, movies for runners, books for runners, and of course give you some motivation!

Below you will find previews and links to all available podcasts:

59. About Plantar Fasciitis, Runners' Knee, and Stress Fractures? 07/05/21 LISTEN NOW >>

In this episode we talked to Australian Physiotherapist Brodie Sharpe about Plantar Fasciitis, “Runner’s Knee,” and Stress Fractures. We dive into each of these injuries and learn about what they are, why they happen, if there is something we can do to prevent them from occurring, and then of course a little about prognosis. We also talk about what people are candidates for injuries, we talk about the pain rest weakness downward spiral, and how we can get back into our training after taking time off from running when we are on a tight racing schedule. Stay tuned for one of our next episode coming up discussing other very common running injuries such as hamstring, and Achilles pain.

58. Should you hire a running coach? 06/28/21 LISTEN NOW >>

In this episode we tackle the subject of running coaches: Why you would get one, whom they are for. Then, along with Sarah from Chasing Life Podcast, we further discuss what to look for in a running coach if you have decided to get one.

57. The 'hidden training program' - sports psychology with Bryan Green 06/21/21 LISTEN NOW >>

In this episode spoke with Bryan Green, the author of Make the Leap - a sports psychology book for runners. Through his book, Bryan demonstrates that the key to unlocking one’s potential isn't in training harder or doing more sophisticated workouts. Rather, it's in thinking better about your training. Think better, train better. His book provides athletes and coaches a step-by-step guide to thinking more effectively about all aspects of training. We asked him about some of the main concepts, including how “the leap” works, the concept of “the hidden training plan”, as well as many definitions of words and concepts that - when applied to running - make us rethink how we should think.

56. How Running has changed in the last 20 years 06/14/21 LISTEN NOW >>

In an attempt to appreciate how easy we runners have it nowadays, in this episode Ryan and I talk about 16 ways that running has changed over just about the last 20 years. We reminisce about things that were simpler but also talk about all the advancements that we as runners can take advantage of to make us faster and have a better experience. Along with our guest Jim Lynch, fellow podcast host and 50 state finisher, we tackle these topics: training, mileage, nutrition, race fueling, mental training, gear, pacing, shoes, GPS watches, strength training, race selection, social aspects, race entry fees, race chips vs, gun time, and recent changes due to the pandemic.

55. Nutrition Tips for Marathon Training with Amy Shapiro, RD 06/07/21 LISTEN NOW >>

Many of us are signed up for fall marathons. For that reason, in this episode examined how to maximize our nutrition during marathon training. We spoke with Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CDN, the founder and director of Real Nutrition, a NYC-based private practice, and asked her about what we should include in our diet, how to avoid hunger due to increased mileage, whether we needed to eat before running and how to fuel wile running, as well as what we would need to do to maximize our recovery.

54. Self Defense for runners with Icy Mike of Hard2Hurt 05/31/21 LISTEN NOW >>

In this episode we talk all about self defense for runners. Mike or“Icy mike” as he is known on his YouTube channel “HARD2HURT” is a self-defense instructor, former police officer, swat operator, blood hound handler, and has been a police trainer to hundreds of officers. Mike answers our questions about what we can do to prevent being attacked, how to better be prepared when attacked, as well as what to do when attacked. He also dives into telling us about self defense weapons that are efficient, and other safety tips.

53. Our KEYS100 Relay Race Recap and Review 05/24/21 LISTEN NOW >>

In this episode we do a race review or race recap of the Keys100 ultra marathon relay which we completed this May, 2021 with our 6 member co-ed team called “We Got the Runs”. This event is a 100-mile point-to-point running race from the island of Key Largo to the southernmost point in Key West for individuals or teams. Our team members all made wonderful memories and learned a lot of lessons along the way. If you enjoy race recaps or if you are considering part-taking in a relay, this episode is for you.

52. About the "perfect running form" with expert Brodie Sharpe 05/17/21 LISTEN NOW >>

In this episode we asked Australian physiotherapist and host of the number 1 running podcast, Brodie Sharpe, about running form! Is there such a thing as the “perfect running form”? And although the answer was obvious (and let’s face it, the goal of our running form analysis is simply to prevent injury and to run economically so that we can run safely and fast) - as always with Brodie, we learned quite a bit. Listen in if you want to learn about the different phases of our running strides, what happens in each of them, and what things should be taken into consideration when looking at our running form, and what some definite must-correct things are we might do, and how to go about them. Brodie can be found on instagram @runsmarterseries.

51. Making your miles count with CharityMiles founder Gene Gurkoff 05/10/21 LISTEN NOW >>

In this episode we spoke about using our logged miles to do something good. All of us have running watches or some sort of device that enables us to track out progress. Well, there are a few option, and you don’t have to pick one. There are many ways to log your miles. There’s a company that allows you to log your miles with them, automatically, and those miles will earn $ for a good case. So we decided to interview Gene Gurkoff. Gene Gurkoff is the Founder of Charity Miles, a free iPhone/Android app that enables people to earn money for charity when they walk, run or bike. He explains the history of the company as well as how all this works. Gene himself has run 35 marathons and 6 Ironman triathlons to raise money for Parkinson's research in honor of his grandfather who has the disease.
50. Pregnancy and post partum running with Coach Tiffany Spearman LISTEN NOW >>05/03/21In this episode we asked Coach Tiffany Spearman about running WHILE pregnant and post-partum. As a well-versed running coach we asked her about her opinion when it came running while pregnant, starting with how safe it is to run, how much one should run, whether heart rate mattered, what some benefits are, where to find the energy, what some complications and precautions are, and when someone should stop. As for post-partum running, we asked her when it would be safe to resume running, how to approach running after having a baby, we asked her about running and breastfeeding, and last but not least, weight-loss. Tiffany can be found on instagram @tiffyspears.
49. Runspiration with 1:24 half marathoner Jereny Rivera 04/26/21 LISTEN NOW >>

48. RRCA Run Coaching Certification review 04/19/21 LISTEN NOW >>

47. Runspiration with sub-3 hour marathoner Emily Morley 04/12/21 LISTEN NOW >>

46. Running parodies with Resurrected Runner Colin Hayes 04/05/21 LISTEN NOW >>

45. Runspiration with world record holder Jeannie Rice 03/29/21 LISTEN NOW >>

44. Training for Triathlons with Adrian Valdivieso 03/22/21 LISTEN NOW >>

43. Running with friends part 2 - our 3 worst runs 03/20/21 LISTEN NOW >>

42. Running with friends part 1 - our 3 best runs 03/13/21 LISTEN NOW >>

41. Runspiration with ultra runner Sally MacRae 03/06/21 LISTEN NOW >>

40. Marathon Training guide - part 4 - injury prevention with Brodie Sharp 02/27/21 LISTEN NOW >>

39. Marathon Training guide - part 1 - the mind with Jill Angie 02/20/21 LISTEN NOW >>

38. Marathon training guide - part 2- fueling with Serena Marie, RD 02/13/21 LISTEN NOW >>

37. Marathon Training guide - part 1 - the run with Ron Tabb 02/06/21 LISTEN NOW >>

36. Running Elite Events in Florida with Jaeden Hamernik 01/30/21 LISTEN NOW >>

35. World's Toughest Race Eco Challenge Fiji with Travis Macy 01/23/21 LISTEN NOW >>

34. Running Ultras in Florida with Bob Becker 01/26/20 LISTEN NOW >>

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